The US Navy and government contracting at 248

Oct 14, 2023

us navy
us navy
Happy Birthday, U.S. Navy! We want to take a moment to thank the men and women of the U.S. Navy, as well as the private sector that supports them, for continuing to service the Navy's mission to defend American interests around the globe.

Happy 248th Birthday!

Last week we celebrated the U.S. Navy's Birthday, so the team at Govdash took a look back at the Navy's illustrious history, one that has been enriched by enduring collaborations with the private sector. The alliance with government contractors has been instrumental in bolstering the Navy's technological edge, optimizing operational readiness, and enhancing infrastructural robustness.

A notable stride in this partnership is the increasing engagement with small business contractors. Through initiatives like breaking down major contracts into smaller awards, the Navy has fostered a conducive environment for small businesses to contribute significantly to various projects. For instance, the inclusion of small businesses under the 8(a) Business Development program for contracts (like this IT support contract) will continue to increase the selection available in domains like tech and cybersecurity.

As we honor the U.S. Navy's legacy, we also want to recognize the importance of the government contractors, especially the small business community, for their relentless commitment to supporting such a critical part of our national defense.

Happy Birthday, U.S. Navy! Here's to 248 more years of success and collaboration with the private sector.

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